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The XOJET 10: Kylie Wright-Ford, Founder,

July 27, 2012  |  XOJET 10

Considering that Kylie Wright-Ford holds a MBA and studied at the University of Oxford (where she helped launch Clickstream Technologies, later sold to Microsoft) and then went on to senior management roles at Goldman Sachs JBWere and Gerson Lehrman Group (where as co-head of global research she oversaw a team of 400 professionals), you might be surprised to learn that she grew up on a sheep farm in Australia!

That might seem a long way from home, now that Kylie lives in Bronxville, New York, but she doesn’t mind flying halfway around…

XOJET Around the World: Yosemite National Park, California

July 19, 2012  |  Pilots

On a recent flight from Reno to L.A., XOJET captain Cort de Peyster snapped this aerial shot of Yosemite National Park from the cockpit of an XOJET Citation X. Check out the “XOJET Around the World” Facebook album to see more photos from XOJET pilots.


The XOJET 10: Edda Gudmundsdottir, Stylist

July 17, 2012  |  XOJET 10

New York-based stylist Edda Gudmundsdottir ’s travels have since taken her to every corner of the globe, from her homeland of Iceland to assignments working with a range of clients that include Diane Von Furstenberg, Converse, L’Oreal and Bose, as well as celebrities such as Lady Gaga and numerous international fashion magazines. Gudmundsdottir  recalls a time when air travel promised wonderful stories for all to share. “Now, it’s not a big deal. It’s not special, and I wish we could go back to that time,” she says. So in the…

XOJET’s All Star Lineup

July 11, 2012  |  Events

XOJET has been to a lot of places, but nothing can beat a night at the ballpark—especially when that ballpark is hosting the 2012 MLB All Star Game.

Patrick Phillips, XOJET revenue manager, headed to Kansas City this week along with Apollo Jets Managing Director Al Palagonia and his team to greet the players, families and fans at the tarmac when their XOJET aircraft landed.

“All the players were very kind, gracious and friendly,” said Phillips. “Many of them were having fun going from jet to jet comparing what each one had…

XOJET Pilots Meet to Share Ideas and Reconnect

July 10, 2012  |  Pilots

By Chris DiCara, Assistant Chief Pilot, XOJET

One of the unique aspects of XOJET’s business model is that our private jets aren’t based in any one location—we simply fly them to where our customers need them, which we can do as owner/operators—our pilots can live wherever they choose.

The only downside is that our pilots may not have the chance to meet each other! So, to bring everyone together, XOJET holds a week-long pilot offsite once a year to share company updates and set operational initiatives for the following year. Because this…

XOJET at Firecracker 50!

July 6, 2012  |  Pilots

XOJET pilots Jeremy Pratt and Pete Herwig race in Firecracker 50, a 50-mile mountain bike race in Breckenridge, CO. The race began with 750 riders leading the Independence Day Parade in downtown Breckenridge and consisted of two 25-mile laps, each lap climbing 3,300 feet from a beginning elevation of 9,600 feet above sea level. Check out the “XOJET at Firecracker 50!” Facebook album to see photos from their race.

Congratulations Jeremy and Pete!

XOJET Around the World: Winslow, Arizona

July 3, 2012  |  Pilots

On a recent flight to Wisconsin, XOJET captain Cort de Peyster snapped this amazing photo of a meteor crater south of Winslow, AZ. Even from an altitude of 40,000 feet, the size of the crater is incredible. Check out the “XOJET Around the World” Facebook album to see more photos from XOJET pilots.