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How XOJET Delivers

Our goal at XOET goes far beyond delivering passengers from Point A to Point B.

It’s about delivering on the fundamental promise of private aviation: a service that is, in the words of our Chairman & CEO Brad Stewart, “creative and innovative […] excellent all the time […] and a trusted choice for sophisticated consumers.”

This is how we do just that:

1. Placing Our Passengers First

A room overlooking the city at Mandarin New York

From top to bottom, XOJET’s operations specialists, maintenance controllers, and flight captains all share the same job description: Pursue the client’s best interest above all else. Regardless of the scenario or challenge, everything we do funnels back to our all-encompassing, client-centric business model. All XOJET clients are assigned their own Private Aviation Advisor, whose one job is to stress over all the little things so you don’t have to. Customized flight programs, luxurious in-cabin service, and a dedicated team of schedulers to ensure flights operate smoothly and efficiently: It’s all tailored specifically for you, without locking you into options you neither want nor need.

To further assist in this mission, XOJET collaborates with like-minded partners to provide clients with the most seamless aviation experience possible. Recently we have joined forces with esteemed travel brands like Mandarin Oriental, The Private Suite at LAX, and Vail Mountain & Beaver Creek Resort, ensuring clients receive the same level of hospitality before and after their experience aboard XOJET. We also partnered with artificial intelligence provider Noodle Analytics—also part of the TPG portfolio of companies—to leverage predictive analytics to better understand our revenue structure and confidently provide our clients with the industry’s lowest rates.

It’s simple: If we can deliver a private flight solution that makes sense for you—and not us—only then are we satisfied.

Photo: Mandarin Oriental New York

2. Offering Complete Flying Flexibility

Private Plane Flying Over Clouds and Mountains

For any given flight on XOJET, we have access to over 1,000 private jets of all sizes. Some are part of our owned fleet of super mid-size Citation X and Challenger 300—the largest fleet of its kind in North America—while others are sourced through our preferred partner network. Most importantly, because we balance a unique position as both owner/operator and master broker, we know exactly what to look for in regards to safety and service. In other words, we can refuse any aircraft or crew that doesn’t meet the standard we set for our own fleet.

From a client perspective, not only does this provide you with the perfect aircraft for your mission, you can rest assured that aircraft will be in excellent condition. Combine this with our passenger-centric flight policies—no upfront fees, expiring funds, or long-term commitments, plus an on-demand system allowing you to fly with as little as 12 hours’ notice—and what you’re left with is complete control over every aspect of your flight experience. In short, it’s a flexible system designed to meet the variable schedules of a sophisticated traveler.

3. Providing Value for Your Money

Front of Private Plane

A modern alternative to fractional ownership, XOJET’s on-demand model charges market rates based on a dynamic pricing scale. This plays into the hands of flexible flyers who can maximize travel value by modifying airports, aircraft, or dates of travel whether traveling for leisure or business.

The model is based on a recently introduced program called Access Solutions, which offers three tiers of charter solutions—Select Access, Preferred Access, and Elite Access—based on every client’s personal travel needs. Whether you fly 25 hours or less per year or more than 150, you only pay for the time and flight features you actually use, exempt from any upfront capital risk, long-term commitments, or residual value exposure. Simply load your account with a preset balance and draw it down whenever you want to fly, or withdraw all of it at any time at no charge.

The short and simple: By employing an on-demand model that limits empty leg flights and helps us save us money, we’re able to return the favor and provide the highest quality in service and aircraft while helping you save money. When all is said and done, XOJET passengers pay about 20% less than their fractional ownership or jet card counterparts.

4. Making Safety Personal

XOJet Pilot Standing Outside Private Plane

At XOJET, we’re proud of our rigorous maintenance standards and distinction as the only private aviation company to receive the top two rankings in all twelve ARG/US safety categories. But we also know that the safety of an aircraft is only as good as the pilots operating it.

Hence why every single pilot employed by XOJET is handpicked amongst the most experienced, proven pilots the industry has to offer. We average more than 7,500 hours of flight time per pilot, plus equip every flight with two full-time, type-rated FAA-recognized captains—well above FAA requirements. Each pilot also undergoes semi-annual flight trainings to simulate the most challenging operational conditions encountered across the country. And most importantly, our Pilot Wellness Program keeps them rested and ready for every flight, helping accommodate for time zone differences and allowing extra time to recuperate between trips.