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Up-Lift Series: Pilots, Private Jets, and Places

As an owner-operator of 41 super mid-size jets, XOJET proudly employs over 370 Pilots, Operations, Commercial and Administrative team members to deliver the ultimate private jet flying experience. 170, or nearly half, make up our growing Pilot team. Representing industry top talent, our Pilots are highly personable with an unparalleled passion for flying and serving clients. From take-off to landing, our clients can expect the highest level in client service with a laser focus on operational safety and care. Not to mention, they fly our clients to stunning destinations around the world.

Introducing the Up-Lift series, an inspiring collection of moments and stories brought to you by those who create the XOJET experience. This series will feature the people behind one of the industry’s most successful companies, with a shared commitment to Advice & Service.

In May, we launched our first-ever Pilot photo contest, a new series which gives our visitors an inside look into our company, our people, and the wonderful destinations we frequent. There is simply no better way to capture these moments than through the lens of our Pilots. From sunsets at 35,000 feet in the sky to simulator trainings in Florida, each image is a unique view into the XOJET experience and life as a Pilot. Each post will celebrate the winners of our monthly series, giving you a front-seat chance to enjoy it all and meet our Pilots along the way.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s get ready to fly.

The first-place winner of our inaugural pilot photo contest is Captain Patrik. Patrik has been flying with XOJET for nearly seven years, and says his favorite part about being a pilot is the ever-changing office views. “I love traveling and seeing new parts of the world. I’ve been to 48 of the 50 states, but I can’t seem to cross Alaska or west Virginia off the list,” says Captain Patrik. Out of the 48 states and numerous flights to other Countries, his opinion on the most underrated destination? “I’ll keep this vague to keep the crowds away, but let’s just say somewhere in Montana.” And, if you frequent our social channels, you’ll have another opportunity to meet Captain Patrik again in our latest video featuring our speedy Citation X, the world’s fastest civilian jet.

Our runner-up is First Officer Richard. With his XOJET one-year anniversary fast approaching, First Officer Richard’s favorite part about being a Pilot is his office, with a 180 degree front-seat view. “I have an office with a window, and get paid to dine in a different state every day. What’s not to love?!”

The second runner-up is First Officer Howard, who joined our team as an experienced flight engineer on the Boeing 747, and flying everything from a Boeing 737 to Boeing 777’s. This may be every aviation geek’s dream. His favorite part of being a pilot? “[My ability to] #TakeCommand of these complex machines – the ability to fly our aircraft and human cargo hundreds, thousands of miles at 80% the speed of sound, 9 miles high, with a safe delivery.”