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Sacramento Business Journal Names XOJET A Best Places to Work 2017 Finalist

XOJET was recently nominated for an award that adds to our portfolio of accolades by The Sacramento Business Journal as a finalist for their annual Best Places to Work 2017, an award which recognizes companies that excel in fostering a culture that is focused on its employees and their well-being.

It is an honor for XOJET to be recognized for our continuous improvement and efforts to further develop our culture and those who make XOJET special – our employees and our clients.

Where we are at now:

Since 2006, each XOJET team member, past and present, has played an integral role in building XOJET to be the leading on-demand private aviation company in North America. Based in San Francisco, with an Operations Command Center in Sacramento, CA, we employ several hundred employees across the country and have offices in San Francisco, Sacramento, New York, Los Angeles, and Palm Beach. XOJET proudly serves 7,000 clients worldwide both for businesses and individuals across a spectrum of industries, including finance, private equity, technology, media, and entertainment.

Our front-end teams work directly with clients to craft a personalized private aviation experience. Each day, our team constantly and fiercely advocates on behalf of our clients, by empowering them to have more control and a better overall private flying experience.

XOJET’s mission is to be the trusted advisor and service provider of choice, for both businesses and individuals. This is our ethos and our guiding principles, and if we follow this closely, we’ll continue to be an industry winner.

XOJET's Take Command billboard


XOJET developed and launched Take Command™, a campaign and tagline designed to give clients complete control over their travel experience. The Take Command™ platform and message has evolved past a simple marketing story – it is now an internal culture driver, which directly reflects our people, who are empowered everyday to make expert decisions in the best interest of our clients. From our Pilots to the our Aviation Advisors, Take Command™ is a statement that burns bright across the company.

XOJET Chairman & CEO, Brad Stewart believes in not just hiring smart people, but also good people with a good heart. XOJET is made up of compassionate people with a focused vision on sustained growth, especially in an ever-changing dynamic industry. XOJET nurtures a winning culture that encourages individual development, career growth, and life time goals. Most importantly, XOJET promotes a flat organization with an open-door policy, encouraging all employees to share thoughts and feedback directly with Brad to create an organization everyone can be proud of.

A day in XOJET's System Operations Center

What makes XOJET so special?

What makes XOJET such an incredible place to foster a career is the company’s unwavering commitment to its people. It is through compassion, integrity, collaboration, and continuous improvement that defines our company culture and ultimately creates loyalty to the brand.

XOJET believes in taking care of its people inside and outside of work, which begins with offering industry leading benefits and advocacy for long-term health and financial wellness, all crafted with our Personal, Flexible, and On-Demand philosophy in mind. The company is proud to reinvest in its people by making educational seminars and trainings available year-round to encourage growth and to develop industry thought leaders.

This nomination is a celebration that demonstrates a true testament to the people of XOJET, the firm’s business model, and commitment to excellence. Enjoy a short video dedicated to our most valuable asset, our people.

Congratulations to the team on this achievement.