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XOJET’s Take Command™ Campaign Takes Flight

This month was exciting at XOJET as we rolled out Take Command™ in the marketplace, a new brand campaign and service promise. The new campaign debuted with full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

We pride ourselves on offering one of private aviation’s most complete solutions focused on our client’s needs and stringent safety standards. Take Command™, in two words, is an invitation to our clients (and private aviation flyers everywhere!) to expect more from their flying experience: a more seamless experience, more choices, more reliability, more consistency, and more value.

Our mission is to be the trusted advisor and service provider of choice to the most sophisticated private aviation clients in the world. Take Command is all about putting our clients in control of their flying experience. We deliver on that promise through our 5 Rules of Command, our company principles, which factor into everything we do.

From our leaders to pilots, Private Aviation Advisors to client services – every team follows the Rules of Command to deliver the XOJET experience:

    • Rule 1: Passengers before Planes. This is our true north. It’s a simple but revolutionary idea, which acknowledges the hierarchy every decision we make follows. Focusing on passengers widens our tunnel vision and captures a much bigger picture, which includes our planes.


    • Rule 2: Make Private Personal. Every passenger should feel like they are our only passenger. For our pilots and advisors this might mean tracking down a rare vintage, securing the right kind of car service, or adapting to last minute changes in the middle of the night. Our clients are the commanders of their flight and every commander is unique.


    • Rule 3: Have a Smart Flight. Being in command means staying on top of everything—work, family, travel. Our clients want an inflight experience that’s more than just comfortable; they need technology to stay connected. We were the first private operator with free Wi-Fi Internet across our entire fleet, and we’re continuing to develop new ways to make life at 45,000 ft. seamless.


    • Rule 4: Elevate Value. We believe in delivering exactly what clients want, even if everybody wants something different. XOJET doesn’t offer restrictive programs or demand up-front financial obligations—real value comes from letting clients choose how they want to fly. One-stop shopping, more attractive prices and greater transparency.


    • Rule 5: Fly Beautifully. Travel—even business travel—should always provide the opportunity to discover new ideas, see different perspectives, have unique experiences. Our connections within the hospitality, fashion and entertainment industries enable clients to encounter something new on every trip.


Creative Development


We teamed up with San Francisco-based creative team, Novio, to develop our new brand look and feel. The Take Command™ campaign and our 5 Rules of Command were the outcome of a months-long discovery effort where we interviewed clients, partners and employees to align on what makes XOJET special. The goal of the campaign is to present a window into the lives of our clients – as seen through their perspective. The imagery is intimate and warm and focuses on people, many of them leaders in their own right. The campaign is currently running in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Barron’s, Linked In, The Hollywood Reporter and Robb Report.

Check out a sampling of our new brand campaign below and experience the campaign-landing page here.

XOJET's 1st Rule of Command: Passengers Before Planes

XOJET's 1st Rule of Command in the Wall Street Journal

XOJET's Take Command billboard