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#XOxUPLIFTSERIES: Seasoned Pilots, Prized Possessions, & Spectacular Photos

Our latest edition of the #XOxUPLIFTSERIES features Captain Kurt and First Officer Jim, two of our over 170 talented and world-class pilots. These two individuals make their way onto the XOJET Blog for winning our latest pilot photo contest, an internal competition designed to bring you more behind-the-scenes content of our people and the beautiful destinations we frequent.

Captain Kurt, an 11-year XOJET veteran, and First Officer Jim, a newly-inducted XOJET pilot, share a few things in common: capturing spectacular photos, valuing their most prized possessions, and their love of XOJET.

Read on to meet Captain Kurt and First Officer Jim.

The winner of our June pilot photo contest is Captain Kurt, a loyal XOJET team member since our founding year in 2006. We are so proud and inspired to have seasoned pilots, like Kurt, on the front-line with a deep commitment to delivering our signature XOJET experience. Captain Kurt is certainly an aviation pro, so when we asked him for his travel must haves, here’s what he shared.

First, his sleek Bose QC35 headset, pictured above. Like an artist and his brush, a pilots headset is highly-personal and provides comfort & sound enhancements to the flying experience. Not to mention, it looks cool too. Second is a black, two piece, Marmot rain suite to ensure he’s well-prepared for any weather. And when Captain Kurt isn’t flying an XOJET Challenger 300, he’s flying his own plane. “When my wife and I do travel, we usually take our own airplane, because I obviously don’t get enough aviation, even while at work!”

The winner for our July photo contest is First Officer Jim, who is a pilot on our Citation X. First Officer Jim joined our team a few months ago, and says that the “quality of life and the great group of people at XOJET” is what drew him to our team. “I feel we all put our best foot forward on a daily basis. We truly have an exceptional team here at XOJET.” We agree. Here at XOJET, we have some of the most talented and skilled pilots in the industry, ready to #TakeCommand and lead the way. And, not just in aviation, but in their everyday passions. First Officer Jim, for example, is not only a meticulously skilled pilot, but an artist who is inspired by his everyday sights. As a published artist, First Officer Jim spends his free time painting pieces inspired by his exuberating flying experiences around the world – one of his many paintings is featured in the image below.

“The Pilot Maker” by First Officer Jim