Fly Faster, Farther, and Brilliantly: The XOJET Citation X

October 7, 2016  |  Aviation, Private Aviation, XOJET

XOJET and JetSmarter Announce Strategic Digital Alliance to Create Unparalleled Suite of Private Jet Solutions

At XOJET we aim to provide clients with the best in private jet solutions, and it is that core value that led us to JetSmarter, the world’s largest mobile marketplace for private jets and a company that shares our mission.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with JetSmarter, which strategically combines XOJET’s fleet of super mid-size jets and exceptional service with JetSmarter’s digital distribution channel to provide an unmatched suite of private jet solutions.

Man Walking Towards XOJET airplane - JetSmarter Partnership

Eight Things You May Not Know About Flying Private

September 8, 2016  |  Private Aviation, Travel Booking and Tips

From flexible flight routes to overall travel convenience, the premise of private aviation is as simple as it is obvious. Now let’s look at some of its lesser-known private flying essentials—all great reminders before your next flight with XOJET.

1. Ten times more airports than commercial.

San Francisco Private Flying Airport Map

One reason private jets are seldom delayed is because they have over 5,000 private airports to choose from in the U.S., compared to just 500 for commercial flights. (Plus, private airports and airfields don’t have to account for as many air traffic delays.)

Landing In Tortola

April 22, 2016  |  Aviation

Ask any XOJET pilot and they will gladly tell you about all the wonderful places they fly to, which typically sounds like this: Aspen, St. Maarten, Kona, Teterboro, Van Nuys. For our pilots, no two days are alike which makes flying a real treat.

XOJET Partner Virgin Galactic Hosts Private Tour & Astronaut Party

October 1, 2013  |  Events, Private Aviation

Written by Albert Hsieh on Tuesday October 1st 2013

XOJET Concierge Access partner Virgin Galactic continues to make great progress towards space adventure. Last Wednesday September 25, the company invited over 300 future astronauts for a private tour of FAITH hangar in Mojave, California, the final assembly location for WhiteKnightTwo.

In true Virgin fashion, a cocktail party took place the evening prior in Beverly Hills awaiting future astronauts to arrive from around the world in time to attend the early-morning tour. The following morning, a caravan of busses shuttled…

Q&A with Nora Jacobsen, XOJET Challenger 300 co-pilot

In honor of the 2013 Women in Aviation Conference, the XOJET Blog has been running a series of profiles of some of the great women who work at XOJET. We recently spoke with Nora Jacobsen, who stopped by XOJET’s booth at the 2012 conference and ended up joining us in July 2012—a month after retiring from a 20-year career as a U.S. Navy pilot. She’s now a co-pilot on the XOJET Challenger 300 super-mid-size jet.

XOJET Blog: Talk about your role at XOJET and what your responsibilities are.

Nora: I’m a co-pilot…

How to Throw the Perfect Spiral—or Paper Airplane

November 26, 2012  |  Aviation

The National Football League recently featured XOJET friend John Collins, also known as The Paper Airplane Guy, in “NFL Films Presents: The Spiral,” a video that explores in depth the aerodynamics behind throwing the “perfect spiral.” John applies some of the same concepts to paper airplane design, and earlier this year, he and former Cal quarterback Joe Ayoob shattered the Guinness World Record for the longest paper airplane flight with the same design featured in the video. (XOJET co-sponsored that event.)

Want to learn how to make the same paper airplane? See a video…

From Basics to Balance Sheets: New Book Explains Aircraft Finance

August 16, 2012  |  Aviation

XOJET Advisory Board member Reza Taleghani has a deep understanding of the operational aspects of the aviation industry and how to explain its inner workings. It’s experience he gained on the job as the former president and CEO of Sterling Airlines.  

Now Taleghani and co-authors Bijan Vasigh and Darryl Jenkins are sharing their industry expertise in their new book  Aircraft Finance: Strategies for Managing Costs in a Turbulent Industry. Whether you’re running an airline, operating a corporate fleet or managing your own investments in private jets, Aircraft Finance will answer questions like: How do…

Build Your Own (Paper) Private Jet

March 28, 2012  |  Aviation

On February 26, 2012, John Collins shattered a Guinness World Record when former UC Berkeley and NFL quarterback Joe Ayoob threw a Collins-designed paper airplane 226 feet and 10 inches–further than any other paper airplane had ever flown. XOJET was there to sponsor and capture the event.

Now, John shows you how to build your very own XOJET extreme distance flyer in this short video. He’s even included the designs so that you have the complete XOJET jet aircraft markings.

Just print these two PDF files on the front and back of…

Paper airplane shatters Guinness World Record! (And XOJET is there.)

February 28, 2012  |  Aviation

Sunday morning, at an hour at which we’re normally just gaining consciousness, we instead found ourselves in a hangar at the McClellan Jet Center in Sacramento (just a stone’s throw from the XOJET Operations Center) watching two grown men throw paper airplanes. Despite what it sounds like, this was serious stuff: they were trying to break the Guinness World Record for farthest distance traveled by—yes, a paper airplane.

One of the men was world-famous paper airplane designer John Collins, the author of two books on paper airplane design, The Gliding Flight…