XOJET Preferred Access™: The Smarter Way to Fly.

September 3, 2013  |  XOJET Flight Programs

From The CEO Show to The Hollywood Reporter to MSNBC, private aviation is a hot topic. And it’s not surprising that the jet stream is entering mainstream dialogue considering that this is, in the words of XOJET CEO Bradley Stewart, “A golden age in private aviation.” Today, the fact that there are more planes, more competition and more business models to choose from than ever before has made this a flier’s market. What’s more, now that private aviation companies are differentiating themselves through a variety of service-led offerings, flying privately…

XOJET Elite Access, the answer to fractional jet ownership

March 15, 2012  |  XOJET Flight Programs

By Chuck Stumpf, Senior Vice President of Sales and National Accounts, XOJET

In my many conversations with customers and prospective customers, I’ve been noticing a trend in private aviation that indicates a clear shift away from fractional jet ownership to a more flexible model—one that doesn’t require a large upfront commitment of capital, result in residual value exposure, charge remarketing fees or simply tie you to an asset for 5 years.

Private flyers want flexibility, easy-to-understand terms, ease of entry into and out of a program without penalties, stacks of paperwork and hidden…