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XOJET’s All Star Lineup

July 11, 2012  |  Events

XOJET has been to a lot of places, but nothing can beat a night at the ballpark—especially when that ballpark is hosting the 2012 MLB All Star Game.

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Patrick Phillips, XOJET revenue manager, headed to Kansas City this week along with Apollo Jets Managing Director Al Palagonia and his team to greet the players, families and fans at the tarmac when their XOJET aircraft landed.

“All the players were very kind, gracious and friendly,” said Phillips. “Many of them were having fun going from jet to jet comparing what each one had as far as size and amenities.”

And with over 18 XOJET aircraft to compare, they had a lot to talk about.

“The MLB is a real fraternity,” said Phillips. “All the players were out chatting on the tarmac.”

The night before, Phillips and the XOJET team attended the Home Run Derby contest, which was won by Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder for the second year running. Packed with tons of baseball fans from across the country, the atmosphere was Americana at its best.

“The weather was absolutely gorgeous,” said Phillips. “Low ‘90s, super-friendly people. It was a real Midwest family crowd.”

MLB mascots

Homeruns may have been crushed out of the park on Monday, but the real action was on Tuesday. With a supercharged stadium audience rooting for their favorite teams and players, getting home was the last thing on many players’ minds.

“A lot of the players and families come to the tarmac after the game with one foot still in the ball park, and the other at home,” said Phillips. “We were there to help them figure that part out.”

With exhausted players and families anxious to get to their next destination, XOJET had more than 30 flights in and out of Kansas City.

“Some people were going to the Caribbean, while others were just heading home,” said Phillips.

The All Stars may have come and gone like the homerun balls over the fence, but XOJET was proud to be of service to great players, fans and anyone who loves a good ballgame.

Check out more photos from the 2012 MLB All Star Game on the XOJET Facebook fan page.

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