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XOJET and JetSmarter Announce Strategic Digital Alliance to Create Unparalleled Suite of Private Jet Solutions

At XOJET, we aim to provide clients with the best in private jet solutions, and it is that core value that led us to JetSmarter, the world’s largest mobile marketplace for private jets and a company that shares our mission.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with JetSmarter, which strategically combines XOJET’s fleet of super mid-size jets and exceptional service with JetSmarter’s digital distribution channel to provide an unmatched suite of private jet solutions.

Man Walking Towards XOJET airplane - JetSmarter Partnership

At the heart of our partnership is the XOJET-branded mobile app, powered by JetSmarter, which will allow XOJET clients to book real-time charter flights, shared charter flights, and shuttle flights by the seat—with bespoke services available through the mobile app. XOJET clients will also receive access to JetSmarter’s full suite of benefits.

In exchange, clients of JetSmarter will receive real-time availability and preferred pricing comparable to XOJET’s Preferred Access and Elite Access program clients. Additionally, XOJET and JetSmarter have agreed to take advantage of joint capabilities such as vendor relationships.

The partnership marks the first time a private jet owner-operated has exclusively committed its fleet to a digital group in the industry. XOJET believes in JetSmarter’s model, and together, we will move forward and continue to expand our services, providing clients with access to an unmatched supply of premium jets.

XOJET Challenger 300 - JetSmarter Partnership

“More and more, clients are demanding multiple access points across the breadth of available private jet options. By partnering with JetSmarter, we are catering to their need for a mobile experience without sacrificing the high-touch service they expect from XOJET,” says Brad Stewart, President & CEO of XOJET. “Aligning with JetSmarter is just one more step in addressing the industry’s need for smart alternatives to the fractional model.”

Access to XOJET’s fleet will be available on the JetSmarter app beginning in early fall, and the XOJET app will launch in early 2017.