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Meet Our First Health & Wellness Partner: Summus

Summus LogoAt our core, XOJET is in the business of taking care of people. From the health of our clients to employees, our collective team shares a commitment to ensuring a life well lived.

As we looked to expand our portfolio of luxury partners and services, we focused our immediate efforts on finding a like-minded health brand that understands our values. Lucky for us, we did. Today, we are pleased to introduce our inaugural wellness partner Summus – a company that specializes in providing unparalleled access to top-tier physicians across the spectrum of specialty medicine.

Summus believes in providing wisdom during the moments that matter most. A powerful and high-touch experience, Summus offers an on-demand service that matches its members to a network of leading specialist physicians so families can receive the best expertise they can, as quickly as they can, about more complex health concerns.

Through our partnership, XOJET Preferred Access™ and Elite Access™ clients will now receive new perks including a fee-waived membership for program clients, access to over 2,000 handpicked exceptional physicians, and a dedicated in-house physician and concierge team to assist you throughout the process.

Flying aside, we understand that our service-centric culture can extend into the lives of each of our clients in a helpful and meaningful way, and today, we are thrilled to be able to show you how.

For more information about Summus, please visit