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XOJET and Shaping the Future of Dynamic Pricing

“The goal of XOJET is to give power to the passenger,” says Amit Saini, Consulting Partner for “We’re helping them do that by giving power to the XOJET pricing analyst.”

He’s referring to a concept called enterprise artificial intelligence, the centerpiece for a groundbreaking new partnership with XOJET.

Saini and the team at use tools like predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science to gain unique insights into complex business strategy. In simpler terms, that means leveraging vast amounts of historical data to predict future demand patterns well before they actually happen. The benefit: XOJET can make more informed decisions about dynamic pricing, ultimately helping its clients understand exactly how much they’re paying and why.

“We had previously innovated our revenue management model in terms of fixed and dynamic pricing,” says XOJET President & CEO, Brad Stewart. “But there were still gaps in the seams.” helps fill those gaps by providing concrete, evidence-based predictions that XOJET previously never had access to. Knowing, for example, the precise demand expectancy fifteen days or more in advance, a personal Aviation Advisor can meet with clients and be one hundred percent confident they’re offering the best possible price for any given day.

“It’s almost like the batting heatmap for a baseball player,” says Stewart. “Noodle gives us the exact batting average in one quadrant of the strike zone versus another. And knowing which pitches to swing on, now we have an exact grasp of how we can operate efficiently, and where and how we can better serve our clients.”’s CEO, Steven Pratt, sees it as a revolutionary way for companies to make intelligent business decisions. “We’re looking to move away from a world of best practices, rules of thumb, and fixed business rules,” he says. “ creates a living algorithm that allows executives to make decisions based on factors that are constantly changing.”

The partnership came to fruition earlier this year, as XOJET entered a new phase of innovation—“putting down our stone tools,” as Stewart calls it. The question on everyone’s mind: Whether there were any modern capabilities, not available in-house, that could better serve XOJET’s clients and make better use of its assets.

XOJET Challenger 300 - JetSmarter Partnership

Around the same time, XOJET’s parent company, TPG Capital, invested in a predictive analytics company, namely Now owned and controlled by the same parent company, the two joined forces and Stewart knew right away it would be a perfect fit.

“As a dominant player in the space, we need to be excellent all the time,” says Stewart. “And in just two or three months, our partner has given us the ability to be razor sharp in terms of the data, the insights, and the action plans.”

Better yet, it’s challenged the company to think more critically about its business model and future trajectory.

“ is a leader in enterprise predictive analytics, artificial analytics, and machine learning,” he says. “And because of them, we’re becoming experts in ways that nobody else in our industry is.”