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XOJET makes its film debut in Runner Runner, starring Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton

October 3, 2013  |  Private Jet, XOJET
XOJET's Challenger 300 debuts in Runner Runner

An XOJET Challenger 300 debuts in the upcoming release of Runner Runner

It’s not every day an XOJET plane makes it into an action-packed, blockbuster film. But when it does, ever wonder what it takes? Catch our plane in exciting scenes of the upcoming release of “Runner Runner,” the result of nearly 5 weeks of planning, support from 30 aviation experts, and a $21+ Million Dollar XOJET Bombardier Challenger 300. Read on as we take you into our own behind the scenes:

Conversations kicked off between XOJET and 20th Century Fox a month before the big shoot. To make it all happen, industry experts from across the company were brought into the discussion – specifically our Operations Team, Crew Scheduling, Pilots, Aircraft Scheduling, Maintenance, Trip Management, and Fuel.

Ben Affleck and an XOJET Challenger 300

Ben Affleck stepping off the Challenger 300

In-house teams collaborated to determine aircraft and crew availability by forecasting operational needs. Together, teams completed a technical analysis of the airport in which our crew would arrive, reviewed nearby airports in case of an emergency and overall security. Cool fact: we require a minimum of 5000 feet of runway for our largest aircraft, the Challenger 300. Once key minimum requirements were met, the aircraft and crew were assigned.

Final Details led by our Maintenance, Trip Management, and Fuel Teams, ensured proper aircraft preparation, safety considerations were met and ensured that all airports were prepared to receive us. Along the way, we had the aircraft detailed, making it ready for its big debut.

Then came film day!

XOJET Challenger 300 Captain Audrey Scully said she can best describe the experience on day of shoot as “an adrenaline rush.”

A behind the scenes look of Runner Runner

The production crew of Runner Runner prepares the Challenger 300 for it’s debut

XOJET pilots played a key role in supervising the safety and operation of the aircraft. Upon arrival, the crew was met with much enthusiasm and they quickly jumped into the high-energy movie set. Filming took place along the beautiful eastern coast of Puerto Rico, specifically Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport (TJRV). This quaint airport covers 1,646 acres at an elevation of 38 feet above mean sea level.

During their time on set, our team of pilots completed numerous high-speed taxis around the airport, take-offs, and landings over the course of five days. They simulated everything from police chase scenes to fly-bys. “Every time I heard, “Action, Pilots Go-Go!” I had a moment when I thought, Oh that’s me, exciting!” recalls Scully.

Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck on the set with an XOJET Challenger 300

An intense showdown with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck in Runner Runner

Working alongside a talented and award-winning cast was Captain Aaron Wade’s lasting memory, “I had a great time on set. Working face-to-face with some of entertainment’s biggest stars.” While a fun time, the team all gained an appreciation for how much work goes into making a scene perfect. The level of coordination on set was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. “It is amazing how much time and energy goes into a scene,” adds Wade.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to catch Runner Runner in theatres releasing Friday, October 4. That’s a wrap!

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