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Comparing Private Aviation Models: On-Demand Charter vs. Fractional Ownership vs. Jet Cards

October 4, 2017  |  Aviation, Private Aviation

After an unprecedented decade of growth and innovation, private aviation is far more accessible today than ever before. Yet for all its modern flexibility, convenience, and choice, flying private still carries a reputation for being too complex and hard to navigate—in particular for first-time private flyers deciding which model best suits their personal travel preferences and daily schedules.

To simplify what isn’t actually such a convoluted process, we have created a comprehensive guide to the three main flight program models travelers should consider when flying private: on-demand charter, fractional ownership, and jet cards. Complete with honest insights about each model’s primary benefits, this should help you identify a program that not only works with your personal schedule, but also makes sense financially.

XOJET Challenger 300 Plane Flying On-Demand Charter

XOJET Elite Access, the answer to fractional jet ownership

March 15, 2012  |  XOJET Flight Programs

By Chuck Stumpf, Senior Vice President of Sales and National Accounts, XOJET

In my many conversations with customers and prospective customers, I’ve been noticing a trend in private aviation that indicates a clear shift away from fractional jet ownership to a more flexible model—one that doesn’t require a large upfront commitment of capital, result in residual value exposure, charge remarketing fees or simply tie you to an asset for 5 years.

Private flyers want flexibility, easy-to-understand terms, ease of entry into and out of a program without penalties, stacks of paperwork and hidden…