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Introducing XOJET’s New Partnership: An Interview with Canyon Ranch COO Thomas Klein

September 29, 2017  |  XOJET Partnerships

Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

In its longstanding commitment to put clients first, XOJET places special emphasis on values like high-touch service, customized experiences, and personal well-being.

The same can be said of luxury wellness leader Canyon Ranch, a distinguished brand of integrative wellness resorts which we are proud to announce as XOJET’s newest official partner.

Known for its world-renowned destinations in Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Massachusetts—plus state-of-the-art Spa Club facilities in Las Vegas and at sea—Canyon Ranch is based on founder Mel Zuckerman’s original vision from 1978: Create a holistic, mind-body-and-soul retreat that fosters a long-lasting commitment to healthy living. Together with XOJET, today it provides travelers with seamless experiences across every stage of their wellness journey. (The partnership’s exclusive benefits, available to our Preferred and Elite Access members, can be found here).

We sat down with Canyon Ranch’s COO, seasoned hospitality leader Thomas Klein, to find out more about the brand, why it’s so special, and his thoughts on the new partnership with XOJET.

How long have you been with Canyon Ranch and how do you resonate with its mission?

I joined Canyon Ranch about 18 months ago after 35 years in the hospitality business. I was looking for a new chapter where I could join a company with tremendous growth potential as well as the potential to impact the lives of other people. Canyon Ranch has almost forty years of experience in the wellness field and it’s truly an inspiring company to be a part of.