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XOJET and Shaping the Future of Dynamic Pricing

“The goal of XOJET is to give power to the passenger,” says Amit Saini, Consulting Partner for “We’re helping them do that by giving power to the XOJET pricing analyst.” He’s referring to a concept called enterprise artificial intelligence, the centerpiece for a groundbreaking new partnership with XOJET.

Fly Faster, Farther, and Brilliantly: The XOJET Citation X

October 7, 2016  |  Aviation, Private Aviation, XOJET

XOJET Pilots Meet to Share Ideas and Reconnect

July 10, 2012  |  Pilots

By Chris DiCara, Assistant Chief Pilot, XOJET

One of the unique aspects of XOJET’s business model is that our private jets aren’t based in any one location—we simply fly them to where our customers need them, which we can do as owner/operators—our pilots can live wherever they choose.

The only downside is that our pilots may not have the chance to meet each other! So, to bring everyone together, XOJET holds a week-long pilot offsite once a year to share company updates and set operational initiatives for the following year. Because this…

XOJET CEO Blair LaCorte Profiled by Bombardier Experience Magazine

June 5, 2012  |  XOJET

Bombardier’s Experience magazine recently profiled XOJET CEO Blair LaCorte, describing how LaCorte and his team successfully countered industry wisdom with “unreasonable thinking” to change the landscape of private aviation.

Q&A with Joseph Mann, Developer of the Electronic Flight Bag

March 23, 2012  |  Safety

XOJET Blog: Joseph, tell us a little bit about you and your role at XOJET.

Joseph: I’m the Manager of Flight Technology at XOJET. I’m based in Sacramento at our Flight Ops center at McClellan Airfield. I’m one of the many behind-the-scenes team members who make our flights safer and our crews more efficient with some cool technology.

XOJET Blog: How did the Electronic Flight Bags come about?

Joseph: I started my career with XOJET four years ago in a traditional information technology (IT) role. After working with Dave Cox (our COO) for…