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Eight Things You May Not Know About Flying Private

From flexible flight routes to overall travel convenience, the premise of private aviation is as simple as it is obvious. Now let’s look at some of its lesser-known private flying essentials—all great reminders before your next flight with XOJET.

1. Ten times more airports than commercial.

Flight Route - XOJET

One reason private jets are seldom delayed is because they have over 5,000 private airports to choose from in the U.S., compared to just 500 for commercial flights. (Plus, private airports and airfields don’t have to account for as many air traffic delays.)

If a flight from Van Nuys to San Francisco needs to be redirected from SFO due to weather or air traffic delays, clients have several options in and around the area, including OAK (Oakland) or HWD (Hayward Executive Airport). Likewise, a flight from Miami’s OPF to New York isn’t limited to just TEB (Teterboro), but also HPN (White Plains). Plus, the larger spread of airports also gives you quicker access to remote destinations, like your next golf getaway.

Fun fact: The country’s largest commercial airports often see twice as many aircraft movements (often more) per year than their private counterparts in the same city. For example, while New York’s JFK and Newark saw 438,897 and 413,521 movements, respectively, in 2015, Teterboro only handled 167,236.

2. The Citation X private aircraft covers one mile every six seconds.

Private and Commercial Jet U.S. Map

If you want to get there fast, go with the XOJET’s Citation X. Boasting a top speed of Mach 0.92 (700 miles an hour), this super mid-size Cessna is powered by formidable Rolls Royce engines and ranks as the fastest civilian aircraft in the world. (Our CEO Brad Stewart likens it to a fighter jet.)

The standout perk for business travelers: it can take you from New York to LA in roughly four hours, more than an hour faster than commercial airlines. Meaning you’ll be arriving home while your competitors are still in the air somewhere above Kansas.

3. Luggage flies conveniently, too.

XOJET Private Jet Storage Illustration

Whether a golf getaway or family vacation, baggage space is rarely an issue aboard the two aircrafts in XOJET’s fleet (or any aircraft on our extensive partner fleet for that matter). The Challenger 300 features 106 cubic feet of luggage space, enough to fit 10 golf bags and 10 suitcases, while the Citation X has 72 cubic feet, good for 7 golf bags and 7 suitcases. For perspective, a 2016 Cadillac Escalade offers 15.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row, 51.6 cubic feet behind the second row, and 94.2 cubic feet with both rear rows folded.

Need more? Allow us to source an option that meets your needs—like a Gulfstream V or Falcon 2000—through our Preferred Partner Network.

4. There is nothing unsafe about flying private jets.

Woman Private Flying Illustration

Chief among the luxuries of flying private, it’s important to remember that general aviation largely bypasses the international security threat felt by today’s mainstream airlines. Not only are you exempt from the stresses of busy commercial terminals, you can even drive directly up to your aircraft door and travel with your own security team—to ensure you and your family are safe and secure at all times.

As for the jets themselves, “The reality is that private jets are just as safe, if not safer, than large Boeing or Airbus commercial aircraft,” says Chris Crocker, Chief Pilot for XOJET. Aircraft size and safety, in fact, are completely mutually exclusive: private jets are equipped with the same state-of-the-art avionics systems as commercial airliners, including satellite weather reception and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning systems.

What’s more, though pilots see turbulence as the aviation equivalent of harmlessly driving on a gravel road, XOJET’s pilots make every effort to find the smoothest air for maximum passenger comfort. Our fleet is capable of a much wider selection of altitudes, allowing us to avoid thunderstorms and bad weather in a way that larger airliners can’t. Challenger 300s can operate at an altitude of up to 45,000 feet while Citation Xs reach 51,000 feet (compared to 35,000 to 40,000 feet for commercial), meaning pilots can literally fly above the weather and thus avoid the turbulence felt by commercial jets.

Most importantly, XOJET places meticulous emphasis on upholding the highest possible safety standards. Every aircraft in our fleet undergoes rigorous maintenance control, combining scheduled maintenance with key inspection checkpoints and service measures conducted at regular intervals. Additionally, XOJET’s 150+ pilots average more than 7,500 hours of flight time and have been carefully selected among the best in the industry. Every XOJET flight is under the command of two full-time, type-rated FAA-recognized captains, meeting stringent requirements that exceed FAA standards.

5. The Challenger 300: A large-cabin heavy jet for a super-mid price.

Challenger 300 Top View Private Jet Illustration

The jet of choice among Fortune 500 executives, Bombardier’s Challenger 300 offers the economics and performance of the super mid-size class—including shorter required takeoff and landing lengths—with the added comfort of a much larger aircraft.

Enhancing what’s already the most spacious, family-friendly cabin in its class, all of XOJET’s Challenger 300 private aircrafts are equipped with an upgraded Quiet Cabin package—offering our clients one of the quietest cabins in the private aviation industry. Think of it as a living room in the sky, complete with a state-of-the-art electronic system, a flat floor with six-plus feet of standing space, and redesigned seats for greater comfort and convenience.

6. What to bring (and not bring) when flying with kids.


Parents bringing their children’s friends along for vacations: don’t forget to also bring a Power of Attorney authorizing them to fly internationally. But one thing you can forget is the snacks—because XOJET’s flights all offer a full snack bar (gourmet pretzels, Oreos, M&Ms, Kind Bars, and more) that has no shortage of admirers amongst our younger travelers.

7. Not just glitz and glamour.


Celebrities may steal the spotlight, but the fact of the matter is XOJET’s flights are predominantly used for business purposes—more than two thirds of the time, in fact. The speed and convenience of our Citation X is an attractive option for corporate travelers, who can fly cross-country for meetings during the day and return home in time for dinner at night.

8. Same Service, New Model.


Private flying is more accessible than ever before. The reason: XOJET offers a trip-based, dynamic pricing model that lets customers access our floating fleet of aircrafts at much lower cost and much higher flexibility. Our on-demand, floating fleet keeps our empty legs at a minimum (<25% compared an industry average of 30-40%), meaning our customers pay about 20% less than those with fractional ownership or jet cards.

At XOJET, our mission is to provide sophisticated flyers with the industry’s best service. Our passion for aviation runs deep. We would love to discuss the travel options that matter most to you and help you find a customized aviation solution that fits your needs. Please contact one of our dedicated Aviation Advisors (available 24/7) at 877.599.6538 or submit your trip request at today.