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Traveling on a private jet: What to pack…What to pack?

February 14, 2012  |  Travel Booking and Tips
Boarding the XOJET Challenger 300

Boarding the XOJET Challenger 300

Once you book your flight with XOJET, there’s always the issue of what and how to pack. Even experienced flyers know that different private jets feature different ways to handle luggage. As for the what to pack, that’s a personal choice that often results in many sleepless nights and hours of discussions that include, “We’re only going for three days…”

For the how to pack, we recommend soft-sided luggage. It gives us greater flexibility to load significantly more baggage on the aircraft. However, the amount of luggage we can fit depends on the jet you’ll be using. If you’re flying the new XOJET Hawker 800XP, it holds 49.5 cubic feet and 395 pounds of cargo inside the cabin; so we recommend no more than eight carry-on bags (the rolling overnight bags designed to fit in most overhead bins).

In comparison, the Citation X has a separate baggage compartment that holds 72 cubic feet (or 60% more cargo room than the Hawker). The Challenger 300’s baggage compartment measures 106 cubic feetdouble the space of the Hawker 800XP and 37% more space than the Citation X. Check with your Private Aviation Consultant on sizes and recommendations for the jet you’ll be flying.

For special luggage, such as your golf clubs, skis, snowboards, wheelchairs, car seats, strollers, and that stuffed buffalo head you just couldn’t resist, your Private Aviation Consultant can make arrangements in advance. We will always find a way to get your luggage to and from your destination.

While the Citation X baggage compartment is pressurized and heated to above freezing, pack carefully. Any items that are sensitive to extreme pressure or temperature changes should be carried in the aircraft cabin. Please pack fragile items carefully—even though we carefully load each bag, the dynamics of flying can cause things to move about and bump into each other.

Planning a hunting trip? As you might expect, any guns and rifles, no matter how old or collectible, have to make the journey in the baggage compartment. Since the FAA frowns upon accidental misfirings in the air, we have to make sure that all weapons are inaccessible by passengers during the flight. Please let us know about any weapons you’ll be carrying when you book your flight.

Please contact your Private Aviation Consultant if you have any questions or need special handling for any of your luggage on your next trip.

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