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Fly Smart this Summer from San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) runway closure is now in full effect, with two of four runways under construction until a planned September 2014 re-opening. Construction on the federally mandated updates began the weekend of May 17 and expected to impact Summer operations in and out of the San Francisco-Bay Area.

With our hometown airport under major construction, our Aviation Advisor team and operations center continue to closely monitor the operational changes and plan for ways to minimize impact onto our clients. We offer clients simple solutions with trip planning to avoid possible disruptions.

SFO Runway Safety Project

Once complete, SFO will be in compliance with an FAA mandate, which requires major airports to include “runway safety zones.” These special zones at the end of the runway will safely capture an aircraft’s landing gear should it overshoot the airstrip. More than 40 airports across the country are implementing these enhancements.

Why now? This summer will be the final phase of the Runway Safety Project, which began in 2008. A dual runway closure during the Summer months will be the fastest and safest option for completing this project. It will take advantage of good weather conditions.

San Francisco-Bay Area Neighboring Airports

Luckily, private aviation flyers can avoid the nation’s 8th busiest airport this Summer by traveling out of neighboring airports, some just a short 30-minute drive away. Flying a modern fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X private jets allow clients to fly coast-to-coast with easy access into regional airports – offering true convenience and value from ground to air. With our private jet fleet, we provide service into numerous San Francisco-Bay Area airports including Oakland (OAK), San Jose (SJC), Napa (APC), Santa Rosa (STS), Hayward (HWD) and Concord (CCR). At times (and with many San Francisco-Bay Area Airports), service will be weather permitting and limited to private aircraft type.

Flexible Flying Times

While the airport has worked with airlines, planning officials, and the FAA to reduce traffic in and out of SFO, flyers may continue to experience delays during high-demand travel days and times. For starters, travel between the hours of 10AM – 1PM may delay flyers much greater than travel outside of those times. Adjusting travel plans to avoid high-flying periods may provide further ease with travel.

Expert Advice & Planning

Following these simple measures and staying flexible can alleviate hiccups when travelling. The XOJET team of Aviation Advisors, backed by our operations team, continues to monitor the developments and updates from our hometown airport. Avoid further hassle by allowing our team to create the best flight plan for your trip, taking into account convenience and safety with each decision.