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A new member of the XOJET private jet family: The Hawker 800XP.

February 21, 2012  |  XOJET Fleet
XOJET Hawker800XP Exterior2(blog)
XOJET Hawker 800XP exterior
XOJET Hawker800XP Interior(blog)
XOJET Hawker 800XP interior

To meet growing demand, we’ve just added a new aircraft to our fleet: the Hawker 800XP. The reason we chose this particular jet? Our customers. As XOJET CEO Blair LaCorte explained recently in an interview in Malibu magazine, “We have a large group of clients who love using our company, but when they needed to take shorter trips with less than six people, they felt they could have probably used a smaller plane. So we decided to buy and customize a group of Hawkers, just to give those clients more choices.”

The Hawker 800XP is perfect for mid-range flights, and you’ll find that it’s a stylish, comfortable aircraft. When you step inside, you might feel like you just walked into a hotel lounge (a very cozy one). The cabin has a standing height of 5’11” and a width of 6 feet. You can have quiet conversations, a meeting, or just check your email and the web using the free Wi-Fi that’s on every XOJET plane.  And just in case you want to work old-skool, we’ve included a free satellite phone.

We even made it easy to unwind with a refreshment center with coffee, snacks, drinks and ice drawer, aft lavatory, entertainment system and completely updated interiors. If you want to stretch out, there’s a three-seat divan in the back. “I’ve flown a lot of Hawker 800XP jets, and XOJET has done a really nice job of refurbishing,” says pilot Lisa Gurule. “The décor inside is amazing and the paint looks sharp.”

For those who like to know the specifications of the aircraft they fly (and that’s most of you), the Hawker 800XP can reach a top speed of 536 mph (863 kph) with an average cruising speed between 466–536 mph (750–863 kph). It can climb to 39,000 feet (11,277 meters) in 28 minutes and can easily complete non-stop missions of 2,800 statute miles (4,506 kilometers).

“It’s perfect for flying into ski resorts like Bozeman, Telluride and Eagle,” says Lisa Gurule. “It’s also great for flights from New York to Miami and the Caribbean, or San Francisco to Cabo.”

Call your Private Aviation Consultant to be one of the first to fly in one of our new Hawker 800XP jets.

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