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XOJET Preferred Access™: The Smarter Way to Fly.

September 3, 2013  |  XOJET Flight Programs

From The CEO Show to The Hollywood Reporter to MSNBC, private aviation is a hot topic. And it’s not surprising that the jet stream is entering mainstream dialogue considering that this is, in the words of XOJET CEO Bradley Stewart, “A golden age in private aviation.” Today, the fact that there are more planes, more competition and more business models to choose from than ever before has made this a flier’s market. What’s more, now that private aviation companies are differentiating themselves through a variety of service-led offerings, flying privately has never been easier.

Gregg Slow, XOJET SVP, Sales & National Accounts
Gregg Slow
XOJET SVP, Sales & National Accounts

All of which leads us to the XOJET Preferred Access program, a perfect example of the customer-led innovation and personalized service that sets XOJET apart. Think of it this way: if this is a golden age of private aviation, XOJET Preferred Access is the gold standard in flight programs. Designed to be the one-stop solution for all your aviation needs, XOJET Preferred Access combines the best of private jet membership, custom programs and fixed-price charter services in order to deliver one thing: freedom of choice. Simply put, clients set up an account with a minimum balance of $200K, and then each client is assigned a dedicated aviation advisor who sources the best options for every trip, using funds on account. It’s a seamless process and payment couldn’t be easier, however, the greatest advantage of XOJET Preferred Access is that because funds are refundable at any point, there is zero financial risk.

Providing individual choices and tailored solutions, XOJET Preferred Access clients fly smarter by paying for the options they want, while saving on those they don’t. To that end, we know no better authority to discuss XOJET Preferred Access than Gregg Slow, XOJET SVP, Sales and National Accounts, a bona fide expert with over ten years of experience in the private aviation industry and one of the chief architects of the program.

XOJET: Given that XOJET is all about our people and bringing the personal touch, we’re hoping you can give a human voice to XOJET Preferred Access and explain why it’s the most relevant program for today’s market.

GS: In a word, it’s easy! XOJET Preferred Access gives clients a dedicated professional private aviation consultant who can single-source the best airplane at the best price on a per-mission basis. You can use your funds on account, those funds never expire, and your funds are fully refundable on an as-needed basis towards flights on XOJET aircraft or any of our approved select partner aircraft operators.

XOJET: You mentioned that XOJET Preferred Access is very different than what the marketplace has been accustomed to for many years. Could you expand on that?

GS: The private aviation flier has become much more educated over the last 10-12 years, they have many more options, and, smartly, they view these options similar to their investment portfolios; diversification mitigates risk and exposure. XOJET Preferred Access allows us the ability to provide the best aircraft suited for their needs. We give our fliers the assurance of knowing they have direct, preferred access to over 100 light, mid-size, and super-mid-size aircraft. It’s all of the benefits of fractional ownership with the flexibility and cost efficiency of the ‘charter’ model.

Interior of an XOJET Challenger 300
Interior of an XOJET Challenger 300

XOJET: So let’s talk more about the benefits of the program.

GS: In return for putting money on account, the XOJET Preferred Access program has some added value benefits: 1) a 4% bonus credit per $200,000-$500,000 deposit that can be applied towards future XOJET flights or incidental costs; 2) complimentary catering from our standardized menu; 3) guaranteed pricing on two flights on the XOJET fleet per $200,000 deposit with as little as 48 hours advance notice; 4) ease of use and minimal paperwork. 5) Lastly, and perhaps most important, is that XOJET Preferred Access clients receive priority access to our fleet on both peak period days and our busiest flying days of the year.

XOJET: Having spent your career in private aviation, it’s fair to ask. Is there another program that compares to XOJET Preferred Access on the market?

GS: No. No, there’s not another program out there that really allows you to put money on an account that never expires, is fully refundable and applicable towards any of your trips. Payments debited from the XOJET Preferred Access account are not specifically associated to an aircraft type or hourly cost but rather a per trip basis. This is the only product in the industry that provides all of these elements in one program. Essentially, we’re combining an owner-operated private aviation company with an on-demand aircraft brokerage.

XOJET: Would you explain what you mean by combining an owner-operated charter company with the services of an aircraft brokerage?

GS: Sure. What we have done is standardized a fully branded private aviation company that is available for “charter,” one that has its own aircraft, pilots, safety infrastructure et cetera, combined with over 900 partner aircraft, every one of which has been individually vetted to assure that their safety, training and maintenance standards are in line with ours.

XOJET: How does this integration play out in terms of XOJET products and services?

GS: From a product perspective, the XOJET Preferred Access program combines the benefits of aircraft ownership with pay-as-you-go pricing and the flexibility of on-demand charter. From a service perspective, XOJET’s team of experienced private aviation advisors are available to help craft the flight solution that best suits your needs and to manage your trip every step of the way. Because of the unique position XOJET maintains in the market, our services go far beyond that of a normal aircraft brokerage in that we’re a proven private aviation provider with a long history of successfully owning and operating a fleet of private jets.

Basically, because I have pilots, I have the infrastructure that provides the necessary checks and balances to facilitate running a world-class private aviation company. What’s more, we have a 24×7 national operations center monitoring each trip, so if there’s a weather delay, for example, we can provide immediate recovery options for our clients. Most brokerages can’t offer that security since they don’t own and have direct control over the aircraft they put their clients on.

An XOJET Challenger 300 in flight
An XOJET Challenger 300 in flight

Likewise, when we go out to source a private jet for our clients, we use the same degree of scrutiny as with all of our own planes. And XOJET is very strict in terms of which airplanes we use: if there are 10,000 airplanes available for charter flights in the United States, we might use 900 of them. You could call up any broker out there, and they’ll use any one of those 10,000, but we won’t because those planes don’t meet the standards of our owned and operated fleet.

XOJET: So what brings clients to XOJET Preferred Access in your opinion, the benefits or the program, itself?

GS: It’s funny because while we are talking about the product—and it is an amazing product—it rarely comes down to the added value benefits, but rather, the ease of use of the product itself. And if you really want to break it down, it’s about the T word and the R word that I talk about all the time with our team, and that is trust and relationships. When XOJET clients—I’m talking current clients and prospects, alike—have the trust that we will take a consultative approach to their private aviation needs and that we consistently offer options and solutions that are in their best interest, they want to fly with XOJET. That’s what our CEO Brad Stewart was talking about in his recent interview with The CEO Show, when he said that a successful private aviation company must have “a desperation in wanting to serve” and that it’s all about “people serving people.” We really take that mantra to heart in building relationships our clients, because at the end of the day, we’re not selling planes or programs, we’re creating experiences.

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