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300 x 300: XOJET CEO Brad Stewart and Robert Reiss of “The CEO Show”

August 4, 2013  |  XOJET

When radio host Robert Reiss invited Bradley Stewart to be his guest for the 300th episode of “The CEO Show”, Stewart, in turn, invited Reiss to conduct their interview on an XOJET Challenger 300 to commemorate the milestone. Dedicated to discussing “exceptional customer service and innovative models”, “The CEO Show” is now broadcast in 40+ markets, boasts 600,000+ weekly listeners, and has expanded into both a print and  television version. Credit that success to the fact that Reiss’ interviews are consistently personable, insightful, and provocative, and his conversation with Brad Stewart provides a perfect example.

Over the course of twenty minutes, Reiss engages Stewart with a wide range of topics, from how Brad met his wife to XOJET’s flight services. But when asked what exactly sets XOJET apart from other jet companies, Brad answers, “I believe you will not be good at XOJET if you don’t have a desperation in wanting to serve. In wanting to make the customer feel like we understand them, that we want to meet their needs, and that this isn’t about a plane. It’s not a program, it’s not an institution, it’s about people serving people.” This theme of building human connections carries on throughout the interview and is one that is deeply integrated within XOJET itself.

Delving into the issues of pricing, authenticity, and transparency in the private aviation industry, Stewart explains that the key to XOJET’s service-oriented offering is in providing clients with “intimate, tailored solutions‘” built upon a deep understanding of their needs. By providing clients with the right information and tools, XOJET can better service its clients in developing the optimal solution for their needs rather than sell them into one. After all, Brad built his career on the long-held belief that a company’s success depends upon its thoughtfulness.

To that end, we are very pleased to share the special 300th episode of “The CEO Show“, Robert Reiss in conversation with XOJET CEO Bradley Stewart.



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