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Introducing Arrivé, Your Insider Source on Private Aviation

The XOJET lifestyle is all about pursuing streamlined experiences around the globe, from stays at singular luxury retreats to finding savvy solutions that make travel easier, quicker, and more enjoyable. Hence why we felt compelled to create a beautiful new digital magazine to showcase our journey, one that will educate, inspire, and immerse you into the world of private jets and on-demand travel.

One of many outstanding milestones for XOJET in 2017, Arrivé provides a window into our company mentality by highlighting exclusive insights, destinations, and happenings that align with our mission: serving as the trusted advisor and service provider of choice to sophisticated aviation consumers. Consider your go-to resource for understanding the complexities of aviation, learning how to fly more efficiently, meet the pilots who operate our aircraft, gain insights into the industry as a whole, and much more. It’s everything you need to take command of your flying experience, all within one easy-to-use, curated website.

New with the design, our photo-centric homepage and simple navigational menu make articles easily accessible to readers with a passion for aviation and travel. Through categories like Aviation, Food & Wine, and Sports, we share our experiences and expertise to help you make informed decisions about private air travel and speak confidently about your options. Most importantly, we do so by being transparent and honest throughout our recommendations, be it insights on aircraft selections or tips for your wine tasting journey through Napa Valley.


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Our travels have also aligned us with a collection of prestigious, like-minded partners who will regularly be spotlighted on Arrivé. From Whistler to Provence to Dubai, our partner portfolio is constantly evolving and growing, granting XOJET clients exclusive travel benefits well beyond the tarmac.

As soon as we partner with a new brand, Arrivé will be the first place to find more information about the partnership and understand what it means for you. From unrivaled stays at Mandarin Oriental Paris to once-in-a-lifetime ventures with IfOnly, authentic experiences that align with XOJET’s way of life are yours to discover.

Welcome to Arrivé.