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XOJET Introduces Elite Access, The Industry’s Leading Refundable Jet Card

  • Ideal for flights over 1.5 hours, Elite Access offers guaranteed super-mid jet access at a lower fixed, hourly rate than fractional ownership and conventional jet card programs
  • With guaranteed rates now across 3 classes of aircraft, Elite Access clients can seamlessly switch between super-mid, light, and mid-cabin jets without paying interchange premiums and save up to 40% over fractional jets and conventional jet cards
  • Much like a debit card, members can make a deposit of $100,000 or more, then debit their account on a per-flight basis. They can also withdraw their funds at any time
  • XOJET is waiving the initiation fee ($3,000) for clients who enroll before the end of 2018

Elite Access XOJETIn July of 2017, XOJET launched Access Solutions, a hugely successful, membership-based charter program that altered the landscape of the private aviation industry. Ideal for previous fractional and jet card owners who have the flexibility to customize their flight preferences to maximize value, its two signature programs—Select Access and Preferred Access—leverage the power of on-demand dynamic pricing to provide a revolutionary solution for modern-day sophisticated flyers.

Based on the success of Select Access and Preferred Access, this year we’re proud to complete our Access Solutions suite with a third program that’s tailor-made for the remaining contingent of private aviation consumers: fractional and conventional jet card owners who want the peace of mind afforded through guaranteed access and fixed hourly rates. The missing link in our customized charter programs, Elite Access is our highest service tier and combines the best of fractional ownership and jet cards with the hallmarks of XOJET: unprecedented flexibility and value, personalized service backed by world-class Flight Operations and Sales Advisor teams, and an industry-leading safety management systems.

“Coming from fractional or conventional jet card programs, many clients are looking for a predictable, fixed rate that makes it simple to plan their flights,” says Gregg Slow, XOJET’s Chief Sales Officer. “Elite Access provides just that.”

It also provides a unique appeal for shorter-range, super-mid flyers. “Whereas our flagship program, Preferred Access membership program really suits the super-mid flyer who makes frequent long-distance trips and has more flexibility with their travel,” he explains, “Elite Access offers a true competitive advantage for flights as short as 1.5 hours, where the client needs guaranteed rates and availability.”

Chief amongst these benefits is pricing. Designed for time-bound clients with complex travel demands, Elite Access offers the feel and delivery of fractional ownership for a lower, bundled cost. Included in a fixed hourly rate of $8,500 for super-mid aircraft, clients receive similar catering and de-icing services offered through fractional ownership, guaranteed fleet access with as little as 24 hours’ notice, up to 20 days of peak flying, and complete exemption from additional costs and expenses like under-utilization, penalties for overuse, and cancellation or remarketing fees. The premise of Elite Access is simple: Deposit $100,000 or more into your account, pay on a per-flight basis (debited from the account), and, if need be, withdraw your funds at any time with no penalties. Better yet, sign up through the end of 2018 and XOJET will waive your $3,000 initiation fee.

Elite Access’ price structure also provides two significant discounts: one for round trips completed within 36 hours ($750 less per hour) and another for super-mid flights over 4 hours ($2,000 less per hour). The latter, essentially offering guaranteed super-mid access for $6,500 per hour on flights over 4 hours, is one of the best values in the industry.

Interior of a Challenger 300“All in, the rate that we have is up to 15% lower than conventional jet cards and 40% lower than fractional, taking into account the additional costs associated with owning an asset,” Slow says. “On top of the hourly rates with fractional programs, you also have to consider monthly management fees, fuel pricing, aircraft depreciation, penalties for underutilization, remarketing fees, and cost of capital.”

Beyond pricing, what’s unique about the Elite Access product is our unprecedented flexibility across jet classes. Unlike fractional ownership or conventional jet cards, Elite Access never restricts clients to one class of aircraft. If a mission is better suited for a light or mid-size jet than a super-mid, you can make the switch seamlessly, pay a different fixed hourly rate ($5,500/hour for light cabin and $6,750/hour for mid-cabin), and avoid any interchange premiums.

“With over 1,400 approved aircraft available through the XOJET Preferred Partner Network, we have the capability to fulfill a range of different requests within the light- and mid-cabin space,” Slow explains, highlighting another compatibility with short-range flyers. “The East Coast market, in particular, will find this product very advantageous,” he adds. “With our new office in Palm Beach, we are getting a lot of requests from clients commuting between Florida and New York. Elite Access is the ideal solution.”

For sophisticated flyers looking for a more seamless aviation alternative, especially within the short stage length, the bottom line is this: All included with a $1,000 monthly membership fee, Elite Access offers the same product as fractional and conventional jet cards—guaranteed access at a fixed rate—with more flexibility and a superior price.

Paired with Select Access, our introductory program for clients who fly less than 25 hours per year and Preferred Access, our flagship program for higher-volume flexible flyers—it completes the trifecta of XOJET’s innovative solutions that challenge the status quo of private aviation.

“We feel that this product is another key cornerstone of Access Solutions,” says Slow. “It’s perhaps the greatest, guaranteed super-mid product on the market, giving us a suite of products that can appeal to a wide assortment of private flyers.”


In Comparison

Elite Access vs. Fractional Ownership

Both offer a similar product—guaranteed aircraft access—at a similar fixed hourly rate. For flights above 1.5 hours, Elite Access provides superior value (up to 40% less than fractional) when factoring in the depreciation, interchange fees, remarketing fees, underutilization penalties, cost of capital, and associated risks of fractional ownership.

Elite Access vs. Conventional Jet Cards

The cost of Elite Access is typically 15% lower than standard jet card programs. It also provides superior flexibility—3 classes of aircraft, fully refundable, funds never run out—and fleet consistency. Lastly, Elite Access is backed by XOJET’s industry-leading Operations, Service, and Safety Management teams.

Contact your dedicated Aviation Advisor or call 877-599-6538 to learn more about an XOJET Elite Access membership program and/or upgrade your private aviation solution for 2018.