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XOJET Launches New Ad Campaign, Fly Savvy, The Newest Chapter of Our Take Command Story

In time for the busy flying season, we are proud to launch our newest advertising campaign and latest chapter of our Take Command story, Fly Savvy, a campaign which amplifies our relentless focus and commitment to serving the world’s most sophisticated flyers. Fly Savvy reminds our clients of changing times and the rise of the sharing economy, and underlines the importance of continuously evaluating your flying program to select a program that’s designed with you in mind. Fly Savvy communicates our key commercial pillars of personal service, flexible options, and on-demand flying – rarified terms in the private jet industry.

Private Aviation. On-Demand Service. Absolute Flexibility.

The past two years for XOJET have encompassed plenty of growth and notable achievements. Between a nationwide office expansion, to shaping the future of dynamic pricing using enterprise artificial intelligence, and celebrating our 200,000th flight milestone, the Fly Savvy message recognizes our continued success as an industry-leader.

Assets from our latest campaign, Fly Savvy.

Loyalty & Membership

This summer, we proudly launched our latest product innovation called Access Solutions, a new suite of membership programs carefully designed to meet the needs of our flyers. Now three-tiers, each program is strategically designed to offer the most flexibility and benefits than ever before. The notions of the Fly Savvy campaign are embedded into the benefit construct of each program, ensuring we have created a savvy solution for every flyer type.

New York Times Asset

Our Journey

The XOJET evolution continues to inspire our marketing and advertising campaigns, taking core elements of our people and our philosophies to create a marketing message that is authentically XOJET. The Fly Savvy campaign emphasizes who we are: a team of smart and savvy aviation experts who understands our model and values what we have to offer.

Today, XOJET is now seen as the leading on-demand private jet company offering a revolutionary dynamic pricing model. Our service continues to dominate the transcontinental US market thanks to the efficient deployment of the largest and most efficient fleet of super-mid size jets in North America and access to over 1,200 additional jets. Our clients consistently experience world-class advice and service from a team of sophisticated private aviation experts. And, furthermore, our Pilots and Ops Teams pride themselves on delivering a personal experience that takes in every detail and nuance about our clients.

Not to be missed is our keen brand design sense, with an elevated collection of imagery featuring our jets against the scenic Montana backgrounds. Each image in our campaign has been carefully selected to recreate a cinematic experience, to capture the hearts and minds of our clients. As a digital partner of Bloomberg and the New York Times, our campaign can be seen across their digital platforms and will continue to live throughout our XOJET brand.