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Taking a Private Jet to the Super Bowl? Here’s How.

Football season came to an exciting close on Sunday in NYC at Super Bowl XLVIII, with the Seattle Seahawks defeating the Denver Broncos for their first win marking a historic day at the biggest Super Bowl to date. NYC played host to arguably the largest sporting event in the world. Dedicated fans or not, over 500,000 visitors flew in to experience the game, becoming the most heavily trafficked private jet event in the world. In a recent article by Business Insider, XOJET CEO Brad Stewart predicted up to 1,500 private jets would fly into the region for the mega-event.

Private jet fleet

A fleet of private jets at Teterboro, NJ for Super Bowl XLVIII. Courtesy of Jet Aviation

With the complexities of on-demand charter, we are frequently asked how XOJET prepares for an event like the Super Bowl? The simple answer is: 6 months. From airport planning to securing the most popular wine, here’s a behind the scenes look at how we prepared our operation and clients for the big game:

The single most important and frequented question for every trip (and rightfully so!) is – which airport should one fly into? One of the smartest reasons to fly private is the convenience of accessing smaller, regional airports.

For Super Bowl XLVIII, we mapped out the best airports within a one-hour driving radius from MetLife Stadium. Here’s our list of recommended airports:

Teterboro Airport – Teterboro, NJ (TEB) 6 miles, 12 minute drive
Morristown Municipal Airport – Morristown, NJ (MMU) 28 miles, 37 minute drive
Westchester County Airport – White Plains, NJ (HPN) 39 miles, 50 minute drive
Stewart International Airport – Newburgh, NY (SWF) 62 miles, 1 hour 18 minute
Newark Liberty International – New York, NY (EWR) 14 miles, 20 minute drive

From mega-hubs like Newark Liberty International (EWR) to regional airports like Teterboro (TEB) – each one operates very differently and offers its own challenges. When selecting an airport, we take a birds eye view approach and evaluate every detail: proximity, operational convenience, accessibility, privacy, and overall security. For example, while Newark Liberty International Airport is the second closest airport to MetLife Stadium after Teterboro, we recommend flying into Morristown Municipal Airport, roughly 14 miles East of Newark due to the high volume of commercial flights.


Each year, the FAA issues a “No-Fly” zone directly over the game-day stadium. These operational restrictions do not typically impact flight volumes or sky-high traffic routes, however, this weekend’s Super Bowl significantly impacted NYC’s already congested airspace. To accommodate the increase in flight volume, the FAA issued multiple air traffic advisories and operational restrictions to alleviate the airspace. Such advisories included the closure of Teterboro airport on game-day (private jet hub for NYC), numerous in-air reroutes, different flying and landing patterns, and the most unique one – required landing reservations for the majority of NYC’s metro airports.

In anticipation of any operational disruptions, we dispatched a small team of XOJET representatives to the area, which included customer service managers, mechanics, and pilots ready to assist. Having available staff and crew in the area provides added flexibility for our operation and of course, peace of mind for our clients. Lastly, we simply booked multiple hotel rooms and limousines in the event a flight is rerouted or significantly delayed.


To bring the celebration to 45,000 feet, we partnered with culinary experts to curate a special Super Bowl game day menu for flights departing the New York metro area. These outbound flights were treated to extra tastings – from traditional game day staples to a special selection of spirits and a fresh seafood display. To meet the increase in clients, internal teams began ordering extra amenities including wine and champagne, nearly 6 months prior.

February is one of the more exciting months at XOJET and a key peak month for our clients. From the Grammy’s to the Superbowl, our clients charter flights to exciting events and destinations around the world. What’s next up for our clients? The NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, New York Fashion Week, and Master’s – just to name a few.